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A better experience for your audience and

A new way to connect with brands

We make it simple for you to share your YouTube, Instagram, and Facebook audiences with brands

Why share your audience with brands? They are going to see ads no matter what. That's why these social platforms are free. You've spent years building a loyal audience who loves your content. Remarketing Space simply steers more relevant ads to your audience. It's a better experience for your audience and because brands pay for access, you build your business.


Get Listed

Get approved and we create free account for you. You are ready to accept brand deals instantly.

Receive Requests for Your Audiences

Brands will request access to your YouTube, Instagram, or Facebook audiences and you always have the power to approve, reject or counter their offer.

Share Audiences

Once you've agreed on the price, we handle the sharing of audiences. No personal audience information is ever shared. It's simply a better way for brands to do what they do with digital ads.

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